An Item page

This is a basic item page for a Data Element Concept. The item pages will change depending on how much content has been put in for the item, and what type of item it is.

item page

The item pages are broken up into three different sections: the main content area, the “info box”, and the actions bar.

The main content area, where you can view the components of the item, the relationships, and the related content.

main content area

This is the “info box” where you can see what the type of metadata the item is, the unique idnetifier that is assigned to this specific item, any endorsements, when it was last updated and by whom, when the item was created, if it has any supersedes and if it has been superseded by anything.

Some of the content in the “info box” my not be viewable by some users, depending on the permissions of the user.

"info box"

This is the action bar, from here you can favourite the item, publish the item, perform different actions depending on your permissions, and download the content.

action bar