Bulk actions

Bulk actions

Bulk Actions

On pages where you can view lists of metadata items, you may also see the "Bulk Actions" button at the bottom of the page.

Some notable places where you can perform Bulk Actions include: Your Sandbox, Favourites and Tags & the Search results pages. 

What can I do with Bulk Actions? 

Performing bulk actions means just that, it allows you to select multiple items and perform different actions on them. 

An example from a search results page:

You will notice a little tick box in the upper left hand corner of each search result. 

Ticking those boxes will add them to the items you are performing the bulk actions on.
The different Bulk Actions you can perform:
  1.  - This will add the selected items to your Favourites. You will know an item has been Favourited if you see a "" under the item type in the results.  
  2.  - This will remove the selected items from your Favourites.
  3.  - This lets you download the selected items into a single package.
  4.  - This lets you create a review request for the selected items. 
The Bulk Actions below can only be performed by Administrators of the system.
  1.  - This allows you to change the Registration Status for the selected items.
  1.  - This allows you to move the selected items to a different Workgroup. 
  2.  - This allows you change the Stewardship Organisation for the selected items. 

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