About Notifications 

Aristotle sends you Notifications when common actions occur, such as when an item you've favourited has been edited, when an item in a Workgroup you are a member of has changed, or when a metadata item you're an editor of is registered. 

Viewing Notifications 

There are several locations within the Registry you can go to view Notifications.
Notifications are visible directly on your Dashboard - this will show you any recent Notifications.

Notifications can be accessed from your Dashboard side panel by selecting 'Notifications'. 

From here you can view all your Notifications. 

You can also view your recent Notifications from the  icon in the Navigation bar.

Notification permissions 

How to edit your Notification settings.

1. Go to your Profile page. 

2. Select 'Notification Permissions' under Actions.

These are all the settings for Notifications you can edit:
  1. Metadata Changes

  1. Registrar 

  1. Issues

  1. Discussions

  1. Notification methods

Once you've updated your settings for Notifications, don't forget to Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

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