Reviews are used to endorse metadata to different states by Registration Authorities - it's a way for different Registration Authorities, or different business areas, to put their "stamp of approval" on metadata content. 

How to Open a Review 

From the Reviews Page

1. Go to  on the Dashboard side panel

2. Select  in the upper right hand corner of the page
3. Fill in the form to open a review

  1. Title - This is the title for the review
  2. Workgroup - The Workgroup this review will be associated with
  3. Registration Authority - The Registration Authority that will be reviewing/endorsing the content in the review
  4. Date response required - The date that the review needs to be actioned by
  5. Target registration state - The state the content in the review is to be endorsed at
  6. Date registration effective - The date the metadata in the review will be endorsed on, this is the date the endorsement state will take effect for the content
  7. Metadata - The content to be included in the review
  8. Cascade registration - "No" for the items selected only. "Yes" for all the selected items, plus the items that are linked/attached to those items

From an Item Page

1. Go to the item page for the item you wish to open a review for

2. From the Actions bar dropdown, select Submit for review

3. Fill in the form to open a review 

Review Requests Page

From this page, users and Registrars of Registration Authorities can participate, find and close/open reviews. 

Breakdown of the Review Requests Page

In the Search bar - You can search for reviews by name, you can also search through filters and the review request number

Filters - You can apply filters either by searching for a filter or by selecting the filter name, Registration Authority name, or users name. Filters will appear under the search bar and you can get rid of a filter by selecting the "x" on the filter

Open/Closed - Here you will be able to toggle between Open and also Closed reviews 
Reviews will show:
  1. The Review Name - This is the name of review and the unique review number (That you can search for in the URL and in the search box on the Review Requests page), name of the user who opened the review, and the Workgroup the item/items in the review sit in. Both the users name and the Workgroup name are filters, selecting these will filter the results

  1. Target registration state - This will show the Registration Authority the review is requested to be endorsed in, the target state, and the target registration date

  1. Due date - This is when the review is due, this section can also be filtered by selecting the

  1. Created - This will shows the date/time when the review was created, this section can also be filtered by selecting the

  1. Last Updated - This shows when the review was last updated, this section can also be filtered by selecting the

  1. Comments - This shows how many comments the review has

Metadata review components 

  1.  - this tells you whether the review request is Open or Closed. If the review is Closed you have the option to reopen the review
  2.  - lets you can edit this review
  3.  - this lets you jump down to the "Approve and endorse metadata" component of the page
  1.  tab:
    1. Lets you converse with the person who opened the item review. You can add a new comment and/or close the review from here.
    2. You can also Approve and endorse metadata from this tab. To approve and close this review at the current status level, select "Approve as status level and close" - with the status level being the status the item was submitted to review with. 
    3. You can also choose to "Endorse with a different status". This will let you choose a different status level to endorse the content as.
  1.  tab:
    1. This lets you review the items that are requested in this review. You can also  items from the review here. 

  1.  tab:
    1. This lets you validate the items against Registry wide validation rules. To find out more, visits our help page about Validation Rules.
  1.  tab:
    1. This will show you any related items to the item(s) that are being registered in this review and if they are going to be impacted by the status level change of the item(s). 

  1.  tab: 
    1. This will show you any "issues" that have been raised for the item(s) being registered in this review.

  1.  tab:
    1. This tab will show you any supersedes that have been proposed for the item(s) in this review. 
    2. You also have the ability to  here, you can add supersedes to be included in this review. 

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