Searching for content

Searching for content

How to search for content in the registry

This is what a typical search page looks like, showing Data Elements. You can search for any content from here, and apply filter to help narrow your search results down.

When searching for content, you are able to search through 'All' content from the search bar, this is what is displayed by default. You can also narrow down your search results by selecting the drop-down and selecting what content you want to search through.

Refine your search results with filters

'Item type' is where you can search for items by their item types.

'Status' is where you can choose the status of your items you want to search for.

'Registration Authority' is where you can select which Registration Authority you would like to see content from.

'Updated' is where you can specify how recently the content you are searching for was updated.

'Created' is where you can specify how recently the content you are searching for was created.

'Sort by...' is where you can specify how you want the search results displayed.

Once you have searched for content, 'Refine your results' will display on the left hand side of the results. From here, you can see all the content available that potentially matches your search within that Registration Authority, Stewardship Organisation, Restriction, Status, Workgroup, etc. You can select from this list to refine your results further.

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