Components of a search result

Components of a search result

Here is a breakdown of what the different aspects of the results mean

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    • Searching for content

      How to find things in the registry This is what the search page looks like. You can search for any content from here, and apply an applicable filter to help narrow your search results down How to refine your results with filters “Item type” lets you ...
    • Bulk actions

      Bulk Actions On pages where you can view lists of metadata items, you may also see the "Bulk Actions" button at the bottom of the page. Some notable places where you can perform Bulk Actions include: Your Sandbox, Favourites and Tags & the Search ...
    • How to record data lineage

      How to Record Data Lineage  In a Dataset  1. Go to the "Create Metadata" page and select to create a Data Set. 2. Give the Dataset a name and optional definition, and select the  button.  3. In this step you will have to give the dataset a definition ...
    • Reviews

      Reviews Reviews are used to endorse metadata to different states by Registration Authorities - it's a way for different Registration Authorities, or different business areas, to put their "stamp of approval" on metadata content.  How to Open a ...
    • How to create and link quality statements

      How to Create and Link Quality Statements A Quality Statement is a summary of the key issues to be aware of when using the data. It has seven categories to be taken into consideration, Institutional Environment, Relevance, Timeliness, Accuracy, ...

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