Navigation Choices on 'My Dashboard'

On the 'My Dashboard' page, Aristotle Metadata Registry offers users a variety of options and features to enhance their experience and productivity within the Aristotle Registry.

Click on your name in the header of the registry to go to 'My dashboard'.

This is what the 'My Dashboard' page looks like. See below:

Let's discuss the options in the left-side navigation bar on the 'My Dashboard' page. These features are:

  • My Profile: is a personalised space for users to manage and showcase their information, manage notifications, and to generate API tokens.

  • Create Metadata: Allows users to create metadata.

  • Favourites and Tags: Enables users to mark and categorise their preferred or important items for easy access.

  • Notifications: We can see notifications on this page to stay updated with relevant information, alerts, or messages.

  • Organisations: Displays a list of stewardship organisations that you have access to or are a part of.

  • Workgroups: Facilitates collaboration by allowing users to form or join specific workgroups, and you can see the list of workgroups here that you have access to.

  • Discussions: Provides a platform for users to engage in conversations and exchange ideas or information. You can see any existing discussions here and you can create new discussions by clicking on the ‘New Discussion’ button.

  • Issues: Helps users track and address any problems or challenges they encounter. We can see all the issues here that we have access to.

  • My Sandbox: Offers a dedicated space for users to create content that is private to them. You can move this content to a workgroup or stewardship organisation if you want to share your content with other registry users.

  • Review Requests: Allows us to request feedback or reviews from others on our work or content.

  • Toolbox: Provides a collection of useful tools or resources to aid users in their tasks or projects.

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