Custom Field Bulk Uploader

Custom fields allow users to add additional data fields to metadata items, which is not covered by the ISO 11179 standard. Custom fields provide flexibility and customisation options, empowering users to extend the metadata schema beyond the standardised fields defined by ISO 11179. Using the bulk uploader tool, the Custom Field Bulk Uploader feature allows users to efficiently add values to custom fields within the registry. This functionality enables users to perform bulk actions, such as updating or documenting values for specific metadata records, by conveniently uploading CSV or Excel files.

Detailed instructions on how to add custom fields to the registry can be found in the Custom Field Documentation.

How to use the Custom Field Bulk Upload

  1. To access your dashboard, find your name on the registry's header and select "My Dashboard" from the dropdown menu.

  1. Click on "Create new metadata".

  1. In the "Upload metadata" section, find "Aristotle Bulk Creator" and select the "Upload metadata" button.

  1. Select the metadata type from the drop down list you wish to add custom fields to.

  2. If you want to bring in different names and IDs, you have to choose a workgroup. If you don't pick a workgroup, the info you import will just stay in your sandbox.

  3. Within the bulk uploader, you will find an option to select custom fields.

  • Include general custom fields: By selecting this option, users can choose the custom fields that will be applicable to all metadata entries in the registry.

  • Include Data Set specific custom fields: Enabling this option allows users to select the custom fields that will be universally applicable to corresponding metadata type within the registry.

How to import alternative names and identifier: Click here

  1. Once you have selected the desired custom fields for upload, proceed to click on the "Download template" button.

  1. Once the spreadsheet is downloaded, you will notice that the custom fields have been added as additional columns towards the end of the spreadsheet.

Creating the metadata record with Custom Field Bulk Uploader

  1. Navigate to the location where you have saved the downloaded spreadsheet from the Aristotle registry.

  1. Enter the metadata details in the respective columns of the spreadsheet.

  1. After documenting the metadata in the spreadsheet, save the file and proceed to upload it in the registry.

  2. The metadata that was recorded against a particular entry has been successfully uploaded to the registry.

  3. To finalise the upload process, click on the "Save metadata" button.

Updating the metadata record with the Custom Field Bulk Uploader

  1. Go to the metadata record item page that requires updating. From the Information Box of the item, copy the UUID for reference.

  1. Paste the copied UUID into the UUID column of the downloaded spreadsheet.

  1. Copy the name of the metadata and paste it into the Name column of the downloaded spreadsheet.

  1. Enter the specific details or values in the custom field column(s) of the downloaded spreadsheet.

  1. Once you have entered the necessary details in the spreadsheet, save the file. Then, proceed to upload the saved spreadsheet into the registry from the Aristotle Bulk Creator page.

  2. The metadata record has been successfully updated with the custom fields, reflecting the changes and additions made.

  1. Click on "Save metadata".

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