Reference Document Uploads to the Registry

To upload documents to the Aristotle Registry, follow these steps:

  • Click on Browse.

  • Click on the stewardship organisation "Browse".

  • Click on the stewardship organisation name to which you want to upload the document.

  • Click on the Files tab, and then click on the Upload File button.

  • Fill in the title, file name and description. Upload the document from your computer, and click on the "Upload File" button to upload the file.

The file name should have the file format extension for it to work. For example, in the screenshot above, I want to upload the presentation file, so I have added the extension .pptx to the file name. Similarly, if the file to be uploaded is an Excel file, the file name should have .xlsx at the end.

  • Once uploaded, the file will be visible under the 'Files' tab in the stewardship organisation. The file can be edited, deleted, and downloaded by clicking on the highlighted buttons.

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