Metadata Merger Tool

Metadata Merger tool is a new feature added in the Aristotle registry to support harmonisation of metadata. This tool is useful for merging metadata at the ‘Audit and Harmonisation’ phase of MAST Methodology. Administrator permissions are needed to use the metadata merger tool.

Sources required to execute Merging of metadata:

  • Source Metadata: It is the metadata to be merged to the target metadata. All the links associated with the source metadata will be linked to the target metadata after the merge.

  • Target Metadata: It is the metadata to which other metadata gets merged. The merger tool will remove all the linkages from source metadata and will create the same with the target metadata in addition to the linkages it already has.

Functionality of the merger tool:

  • Merging Metadata: Same type of metadata for e.g., Object class, Data element, Data element concept, etc., can be merged using the source and target metadata items. It will remove all the metadata linkages from the source metadata and will add all those to the target metadata. The change will be reflected at all the levels in the registry.

  • Undo feature: This merger tool has an awesome feature to undo the merge at any time. Once the rule is created and executed, you can undo that change by clicking the undo button.

  • Creating rules: The merger tool allows to create rules that can be saved to implement later.

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