Invite/Reset Password Link Is expired

Many users are facing issues trying to log in to the platform after receiving the invitation to join the Registry. They get the message “Account Couldn’t be Activated”. This issue is arising due to certain Browsers, such as Outlook and Outlook Online. These browsers have certain features such as “Link preview” that automatically opens all the links received in the email.

When the link is sent by Aristotle Metadata Registry for a new user to sign up, it is designed to verify the email address that was provided is valid and monitored by the user. This link is one time only and is used to verify the user.

When the activation link is opened by the email server, this link is activated automatically, and the user will see the message showing that the link has expired.

This can be a potential solution to the problem:

Note: Account is Showing activated on manager portal

Solution 1:

  • As account is showing activated on manager site, user can login using the password set at activation.

  • Alternatively, the user can reset their password as normal by clicking “Forgot Password”.

If the account is showing Deactivated on manager portal

Solution 2:

  • Invitation email will be sent to person to join the Registry.

  • Copy the link to the internet Browser rather than clicking the link.

  • McAfee feature 'Link Protect'

  • Mimecast Anti-spoofing software

  • Covenant Eyes - Internet Filtering

  • Outlook all versions (corrupted rules)

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