Cloning is feature in Aristotle registry that can help user to create a Copy of the current metadata.

How to Clone a metadata item

1. Go to the item page of the item you would like to clone.

2. In the Actions bar click on "Clone this item".

3. The item is now cloned and you will be able to edit the item from a metadata creation page.

4. User can define the version number to the cloned metadata.

User can also assign this cloned metadata to any workgroup. User can also assign workgroup after creating the item. This cloned version if not assigned to any workgroup with be in the User's Sandbox.

How to add different value domain or data element Concept to the cloned data element

  1. User can also add different value domain and data element concept to the cloned Data element.

  2. User can click on the Components tab.

3. user can make changes to the cloned data element by changing data element concept and value domain.

4. Once user is satisfied with the cloned item, Click on and the item will be saved and user will be taken to the new items "item page".

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