Metadata Report Builder

The user must be an Administrator of the Stewardship Organisation.

This feature in the Registry allows Administrators of the Stewardship Organisation to generate reports related to metadata items by adding a relationship to the item fields, which is already established between different metadata in the Registry.

Steps to navigate to the Report Builder from the Dashboard

  1. From the Dashboard, select the "Toolbox" from the drop-down list or the side panel.

2. Click on "Go to Metadata Reports" under Metadata Reports on the Toolbox page.

3. Users can create a report from this page. They can also import reports previously generated by the report builder if they have JSON code saved for that generated report.

Steps to Create a New Report

  1. Click on "New Report" on the metadata report builder page.

Select a Steward Organisation: Users must select the Stewardship Organisation for which they want to generate a metadata report.

Select a Base Model: After Selecting the Stewardship organisation, the user must select a base model for the report builder.

  1. After Selecting the base model, the user can access the side panel to select items and extract the report of existing relationships between metadata of the selected base model. They have access to two different fields on the left side panel:

Relational Fields: All the sections under this field can help a user to create a relationship with the item fields.

Item Fields: This section will give users all the information for the base model they selected.

Add Columns: The user can drag and drop the items from the item field here.

To extract the Relationship for this item field, the user can click on relations listed under the Relational Field section and drag the items from the Item Fields section.

For example, if the user wants to know the status of the metadata item, the user can select "Statuses" under the "Relational Field" and can drop the relevant items from the "Item fields".

Add Filters: the user can add filters by dragging and dropping the item under the "Item Fields" from the left side panel.

Users can filter the metadata reports as per their requirements.

  1. Users can download the report in Excel and CSV file Format.

Users can also save this report in the Registry for future reference.

Users can also export this generated report to other Administrators by selecting "Export Report".

Users can copy this JSON code and share it with other Administrators so that they can also view this report.

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