Metadata Toolbox

Toolbox is the feature in Aristotle Registry supporting various functions such as extract reports related to metadata, Bulk importing and downloading of metadata.

How to navigate to toolbox page from My dashboard?

Click on the Toolbox from the drop down list.

User would be navigated to the toolbox page.

Various Features Under Toolbox that user can use to explore their metadata in Aristotle Registry

  • Data Element Component Registration Report: A tool to display Data Elements which have component metadata items with a different status with a selected Registration Authority.

User must be the administrator of the Registry to have access to this function.

  • Metadata Comparision Tool: This function in Aristotle Registry helps user to compare different metadata elements to see the differences between them.

  • Metadata Reports: This function in the Aristotle registry allows user to generate reports related to metadata and helps to develop deep and novel insights into the metadata.

To access this function:

User must be Administrator of the Registry or must have certain permissions given by Administrator.

To generated the new Report, user needs to select stewardship organisation and Base Model. After selecting the base model, user will have access of the side panel, containing two fields: relational and item. User can select the item from item fields and also explore different relations associated with the items.

  • Simple Data Dictionary Format: This function allows user to bulk import the data dictionaries in Excel and CSV format that will be converted into the metadata items.

  • Aristotle Bulk Importer: This feature helps user to create and update metadata item.

User can select the metadata type from the drop down list.

User can also download the template that is compatible with Aristotle Registry for the particular metadata import or update.

  • Aristotle Bulk Downloader: This feature allows user to bulk down the metadata from Aristotle Registry.

    User can apply filter to the item fields. They can also filter by workgroups and stewardship Organisation

  • Executive Dashboard: This is a flexible dashboard which shows high level views and depictions of the use of the registry.

User must be the Administrator of the Registry.

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