Bulk Importing Alternative names and Identifiers

Aristotle custom field bulk importer also supports the functionality to support Alternative names and identifiers in the registry.

To import the alternative name and identifier, it is mandatory to select workgroup as these are specific to a particular stewardship organisation in the registry.

How to import alternative name and identifiers?

  1. To access your dashboard, find your name on the registry's header and select "My Dashboard" from the dropdown menu.

  1. Click on "Create new metadata".

  1. In the "Upload metadata" section, find "Aristotle Bulk Creator" and select the "Upload metadata" button.

  1. Select the metadata type from the drop down list you wish to add custom fields to.

  2. If you want to bring in different names and IDs, you have to choose a workgroup.

  3. Within the bulk uploader, you will find an option to select custom fields.

  4. You can select the alternative name and identifier checkbox to import them in the registry.

  5. To get the list of identifiers that can be imported into the selected workgroup, you can click on this icon as highlighted.

  6. you can click on download template to fill in the content that needs to be imported.

  7. Template will specify the name of the alternative names that needs to be imported in the registry.

  8. To import the identifiers, you can navigate to identifiers columns and use a format to import content into registry.

    The format that needs to be used is: Namespace:/Identifier/Version; e.g. namespace1:/identifier1/v1;namespace1:/identifier2/;

After all the changes are done, you can upload the document.

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