How do I federate content from another Aristotle Metadata Registry?

Only registry administrators have the ability to create Federation rules. For users who have this permission, this can be done from the Administrator Dashboard.

  1. To create a link with the source registry, user needs to be administrator of the registry. To create the link, user needs to navigate to the “Admin tools” from the dashboard.

  2. User needs to click on “Manage federation Configurations”.

  3. To add a new Aristotle registry, user needs to click on “Add new Federation registry".

  4. User needs to type name and Url of the source registry to check Link and then click on “Add Registry”

How to federate metadata from the source registry?

  1. After the connection is made, user needs to click on the name of the registry to start the federation process.

  2. To start the federation of any type of metadata, user needs to click on “Create New federation Configuration”.

  3. User needs to fill in the details regarding the metadata they are federating. They can set the frequency for any update from the source registry and they can assign federated metadata to a stewardship organisation.

  4. After filling the configuration, user needs to click on “Create federator Configuration”.

  5. User can edit the configuration by clicking on “Edit”. But to run the task user needs to click the name.

  6. User can see all the metadata that is linked to the item that they want to federate on this page. To start the process, user needs to click on “Run Task”.

  7. User will get the notification as task is started.

  8. To check the status of the federated item, User needs to navigate to logs tab.

  9. Once the federation is done, Logs will show the actions as “Completed_success”.

  10. User can search for the federated item in the registry.

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