Tablion - Data request portal

Tablion is a data request portal that provides users with a streamlined and secure way to request data from data owners. By transforming the data catalogue into a click-and-collect data shopping cart, users can easily browse the available data and instantly connect with data owners to request the required data.

The fast click-and-collect data shopping basket:

Tablion makes submitting a data request as easy as click-and-collect shopping, so users can build a basket of variables ready for review, all with a few simple clicks.

  • Build a shopping basket of data variables: Build a basket of data variables, complete request questions and send applications to data stewards ready for review - all with a few simple clicks.

  • Improve confidence in data: Reduce questions by giving users metadata that makes it easy for them to understand data before accessing it.

  • Define identity controls to reduce identity burden: Issue users with a reusable proof of identity and data skills, so they only need to provide their credentials once - and future requests are authorised faster.

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