How to create and link glossary items

A Glossary Item is a commonly used business term that may not be well understood outside of the Organisation. It's useful to record Glossary Items so that when an uncommon term or piece of jargon is used in a definition, the meaning of this term can be captured and linked within the Registry.

How to create a Glossary Item

When browsing or creating metadata within the Aristotle Metadata Registry, Glossary Item is included under “Business Glossary Objects” section
1. Go to
from your Dashboard side panel or from the dropdown in the header bar.
Scroll down to "Glossary Item" and click
2. You will be navigated to new window showing different Tabs:
  • Definition: under this tab, you can name and define you glossary item.
  • Names & References: This tab is used to add extra content to the glossary item. You can add references, comments or any documentation related to the item.
  • Click on
    . Adding a version to this Item is optional. You are also able to add a Workgroup to this glossary item. If you do not select a Workgroup in this step, once the item is saved, it will be available in your Sandbox.
1. Go to the metadata that you would like to link a glossary item to
2. From the Actions bar, select Open Item Editor
3. In the Editor Screen, highlight the word to be linked to the glossary item and select the
4. Search for the name of the Glossary Item and click OK to create the link between the item and the Glossary Item
5. Don’t forget to click save changes on the item after linking the Glossary Item
Once a Glossary Item is linked, you'll be able to hover over it in the item page and see a brief description of the item. If you select "...see more" you will be taken to the Glossary Item's item page.