Version Control - Supersede

The Aristotle Registry has the functionality to supersede metadata items. Superseding involves replacing an existing version of a metadata item with a new version that contains updated content or revisions. When a metadata item is superseded, it ceases to be the active or current version, and the new version takes its place. However, both versions are retained to maintain a track record of which metadata item superseded another item or which item has been superseded by a specific metadata item. This allows for a comprehensive history of metadata changes and ensures transparency in the evolution of metadata items. The steps to supersede the metadata items are as follows:

  • Go to the latest version of metadata item that you have created in the Aristotle registry. Click on Actions, and then click on Edit Supersedes

  • Click on "Add a relationship"

  • Select the metadata item by which you want this specific metadata item to be superseded. Choose the registration authority, type a message if desired, and select the effective date from which this supersede should take effect, and then click on Submit.

  • On the item page, you will see that this item is a supersede to another item.

  • If you click on the highlighted 'Address: Postcode' item in the above screenshot, you will see that this metadata item has been superseded by another item, as indicated in the following screenshot.

In this way, we can create supersedes and can keep a track.

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