Registration State Settings - Visibility and Locked legend Permissions

Visibility and Locked legend

Visibility Legend- The visibility settings let you choose who can see the content endorsed by the Registration Authority. The five visibility settings options are:

  1. Registration Authority Only: Only registrars and managers in this Registration Authority can see metadata registered with this visibility level. This is a more restrictive level of visibility that overrides the default visibility behavior.

  2. Workgroup: Members of Workgroups that metadata items belong to can see registration status information at this level.

  3. Steward Organisation: Members of the Stewardship Organisation that this Registration Authority belongs to is in can view registration information, and can see metadata registered with these statuses.

  4. Authenticated users: All authenticated users in the Registry can see items registered with this visibility level.

  5. Public: Anyone who can view the registry can see items registered with a status with this visibility level. Users do not log in to see this information.

Locked Legend- Using this setting, Registration Authority statuses can be locked and unlocked for editing permissions.

  1. Locked: When an item is registered as a locked item:

    • Stewards of the workgroup the item is in can edit the item.

    • Stewards of the steward organisation the item is in can edit the item.

    • Admins and superusers can edit it.

  2. Unlocked: all items registered with a status that is unlocked can be edited by users that have permission to edit the item.

How to set visibility and locked/unlocked permissions for Registration Authorities Statuses

For the Registration Authorities, there is a setting to set the permissions on who can view registration statuses and registered items.

  1. Go to browse from the header, then to the Registration Authorities, click the browse button.

2. Click on the Registration Authority Name where you want to set visibility and permissions.

3. Go to the Settings tab. Click on States from the left panel. On this page, you can set visibility for each state and provide editing locked/unlocked permissions

Changing the visibility of statuses may not restrict the visibility of items registered with that state if they have been endorsed by other Registration Authorities.

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