A list of mutually exclusive categories representing values of the classification variable. It can be used to record complex and deep data classifications.

Steps for how to create a Classification in the Registry

  • From the Dashboard, Click on "Create new Metadata"

    2. Scroll Down to "Classification" under "Classification Management" session and Click on "Create"

    3. User would be navigated to Create Classification Page.

  • Definition Tab: under this tab, User can name and define the classification. They can also assign this Classification to a workgroup.

  • Names & References: Under this tab, user can provide additional information to this Classification.

  • Components: User can add information about the structure and level of the Classification

    After adding all the relevant information, Click on "Create Item".

Steps to add items to the classification

  • After creating the classification, click on Actions Tab and than click on "Edit Classification items".

    2. User will be navigated to the page where they can start creating the Schema for the Classification. To add the item to the classification, Click on "Add item"

    3. Classification is a list of categories of groups and associated sub groups.

  • Code Tab: This tab helps the user to group the categories of the classification.

  • Title tab: this tab helps the user to add title to the particular category in the classification

  • Alternative Titles: This tab helps to add alternative title to the particular category in the classification.

  • Explanatory Notes: this tab helps to add information to particular category in the classification.

How to add Sub groups to the Groups in the Classification

  1. To add the sub group to the any group in the classification. User can create the item.

    2. Once the item is saved, User can drag the sub group item and drop it to the its parent group category.

    After adding all the grouping and sub-grouping to the Classification, Click on "Save Changes" to save the classification.

How to view the Classification?

To view the Classification, user can click on the "Classification Viewer" Tab

2. User can expand the classification by Clicking at Arrows to see the sub groups associated with the groups.

User can search a particular group or sub group in the classification by using Search Functionality.

User can apply filters to the search at different level of sub groups in the classification

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