View deleted items using query string

The Administrators and the Superusers of the Aristotle Metadata Registry have access to delete the items. Once the item is deleted, the users cannot find the item using the search bar.

  • For example, the item 'Business: Age, Years Number' has id='59'.

  • Once deleted, if you will try to search for the item in the search bar and it will show 0 results.

  • To view the deleted item, the direct and quick way is to search for the item through a query string. The first step is to add '/item/59' at the end of the registry URL, where 59 is the metadata Id we want to look for in the deleted list and press enter. It will show page not found.

  • Add the query string '?show_deleted=true' at the end of the URL and press enter.

  • After enter, you will notice the URL is changed, The URL tells us that the item has Id=59 and it is a data element, named 'business-age-years-number'

  • To find the deleted item, add the query string '?show_deleted=true' at the end of the URL, which shows the item id as '59', stored as a 'dataelement' and the item name is 'business-age-years-number'

  • Press enter and it will show the deleted item. The item needs to be restored if you want to make any changes to the deleted item.

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