Creating metadata items

How to Create Metadata Items

To get to the creation wizards, go to “create metadata” on your dashboard side panel, or the creation tool in the header bar and select “see all…”

Data element and data element concept wizards

Wizards help make metadata creation and reuse of metadata items easier. Using these wizards, you will be stepped through creating either a Data Element, and within the wizard, you will create an object class, property, and value domain. Or, you can select to create a Data Element Concept, where you will create an object class and a property.

This is the form you will see when selecting to create a new data element.

Single item creation wizards

These wizards are useful if you know you want to create just one item.

This is the form you will see when selecting to create an object class.

Because reuse is important, each wizard will search for the name of your item and give you results if there are any matching or similar to your item. If you would like to create a new item, just type the name, version, workgroup and definition.

At any time of the item creation, you can choose to 'Return to item page', 'Save changes and keep editing', or 'Save changes'

After saving the changes, the item will look like the following image:

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