Creating and maintaining a stewardship organisation

How to create a Stewardship Organisation

You have to be an Administrator to add a new Stewardship Organisation.

  1. Go to 'Administrator Tools' at the bottom of the Dashboard side menu.

2. Select 'Manage Stewardship Organisations'.

3. Select 'Add Organisation'.

4. Add in a Name for the Stewardship Organisation and a Definition.

Maintaining a Stewardship Organisation

Stewardship Organisation settings

  • Slug - This is what shows up in the URL for the Stewardship Organisation (SO).

  • Name - You can change the name of the SO.

  • State - This is where you can change the visibility of this SO.

    1. 'Active' means this SO is active and visible to all uses of the Registry.

    2. 'Private' means this SO is only visible to users who are members of this SO.

    3. 'Deactivated & Visible' means this SO is visible to all users of the Registry, but content cannot be added into this SO.

    4. 'Deactivated and Hidden' means this SO is only visible to Admins of the Registry, and content cannot be added into this SO.

  • Definition - You can change the definition of the SO.

  • Profile picture - You can add a profile picture for the SO, this will be visible on the Browse page and the SO's Homepage.

  • Banner image - You can add a banner image, this will show up above the definition on the SO's Homepage.

  • External URL - You can add an external URL that will show up under the profile picture on the SO's Homepage.

The 'Role for automatically joining users' is where you can set the role for users who automatically sign up to the SO. You can only set up one role for all the allowed domains, but this can be changed at any time.

You can also Edit and Delete the Issue labels from here.

Examples of alternative names can include a "Physical name" for Distributions, a "Short name" for Data Elements with technical components in names, or an "Abbreviation" that a Specification or Classification is known by.

You can also Create and edit the Alternative name.

Go to metadata where you want to assign it. Click on Actions tab, Select Alternative name.

The alternative name will assigned to metadata.

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