How to reindex content

You must be an administrator of the registry to be able to preform this action.

This feature in Aristotle Registry allows the Administrator of the registry to scan large volumes of the data and re-building the index of the metadata again.

This command drops all the indexes associated with the metadata and rebuild them. This feature is helpful in improving search functionality in Aristotle Registry.

Reindexing the metadata can be long process for large databases, it is ideal to start it at the end of the working day or over the weekend.

How to Reindex the metadata in the Aristotle Registry?

  1. Go to "Aristotle Cloud Dashboard" from your Dashboard side panel.

2. Under "View registry settings" Tab, click on "Run tasks".

3. Click on "Reindex" to start the rebuilding process.

You can also see the History of all the tasks run by you and other admins.

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