How to create an object class specialisation

The Aristotle Ontology Tools metadata extension must be enabled from the Aristotle Cloud Dashboard, this enables the Object Class Specialisations to be created from the Create New Metadata page.
Object Class Specialisations describe relationships between Object Classes, where multiple specialised Object Classes are all contained by a common broader Object Class.
To create an Object Class Specialisation:
1. Go to Create new metadata from the Dashboard side panel or from the dropdown in the header bar
2. Scroll down to the Ontology section of the page, Select
next to Object Class Specialisation
3. In Step 1, fill in the Name and Definition section of the form and select
to go to the next step
4. In Step 2, you can refine the Name and Definition and you can add additional content and a Workgroup
In the tab:
  • You can add References for this item, such as documents that contributed to the development of the metadata item
  • You can add an Origin for this item, such as the document or project which is the source of the metadata item
  • You can add Comments describing the metadata item
  • You can also add Organisation Records and Reference Documents as well
In the tab:
you can add information to provide context to the metadata item
  • In Broader Class you can add information about the overarching idea that is being captured in the Object Class Specialisation. Example: "Person"
  • In Narrower Class you can add information about the smaller aspect of the broader class that is being captured. Example: "Adult", "Child"