Optimising Header, Body, and Footer Configurations

You need admin permissions to customise the home page.

This is how the Aristotle Registry homepage looks by default, but this is all customisable.

Follow the steps below to customise your homepage:

For Header and Footer:

  1. Go to "My Dashboard".

  1. Click on 'Aristotle Cloud Dashboard' and then 'View registry settings'.

  1. You can set the header and footer settings on this page.

For the Body:

We can customise the body of the registry home page. For more information on customising the home page body, please see this link at the Home Page Editor.

Customisations for Other Sections: Hat, Header, Neck, Body, Ankle, Footer, Sole

There are other customisations for the header and footer that can only be achieved by requesting the Aristotle Metadata team. See the screenshot below as an example:

Customising the home page of a registry offers a range of advantages. It grants the ability to curate a tailored user experience, showcasing content and features that precisely meet the needs of the audience. This customisation fosters branding and identity, ensuring a cohesive and recognisable presence. By strategically highlighting essential information and improving navigation, users can find what they need quickly. It also allows for adaptability, ensuring the home page can evolve with changing priorities. Comprehensive control empowers administrators to fine-tune the registry to align perfectly with organisational goals. In essence, customisation enhances efficiency, engagement, and user satisfaction, making the registry a more effective and user-friendly platform.

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