Content policies - how to control the editing and deletion of content

Content policies - how to control the editing and deletion of content

Content Policies - How to Control the Editing and Deletion of Content  

What are content policies? 

Content policies are a feature that allows registry administrators to better control users' actions around the editing and deletion of content. It allows registry administrators to allow or deny editing and deletion to different classes of users, such as preventing or allowing Stewardship Organisation administrators from deleting registered content. 

What is ‘deleting’ content in Aristotle Metadata Registry? 

As the Aristotle Metadata Registry is intended to be an authoritative record of all the ‘business intelligence’ around data, content cannot be permanently deleted from the registry. However, in order to facilitate the maintenance of an up-to-date registry, Aristotle supports the soft deleting of content, which removes it from display in the registry. Soft deleted items can be restored if they are required again.

How to enable content policies in Aristotle 

This action can only be performed by a registry administrator.  
1. Go to the ‘Aristotle Cloud Dashboard’ from your user sidebar 

2. From the Aristotle Cloud Dashboard, click on the ‘View registry settings’ button 

3. From the bottom of the Registry Settings page – tick the content policies that you want to enable and untick the content policies that you want to disable

4. Save the changes

How to delete content from the item page 

1. Locate the item that you want to delete

2. From the item action tab, click on ‘Delete item’ 

3. From the confirmation page, click on the Delete button to delete the item  

How to delete content directly from a workgroup 

You can also delete content directly from a workgroup that you are a member of.
1. Click on the delete button from the ‘Item actions’ dropdown menu  

2. From the confirmation page, click on the Delete button to delete the item 

How to restore deleted content 

There are two ways you can view and restore deleted content in the registry: from your sandbox, and from your workgroup.

1. From the metadata page of a workgroup you are a member of, click on the ‘View Deleted Metadata’ button
2. From the Item actions dropdown button, click on the ‘Restore item’ tab

3. From the confirmation page, click on the Restore button to restore the item

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