Favouriting and tagging content

Favouriting and tagging content

Favouriting and Tagging Content

How to favourite content

Favouriting an item is like bookmarking an item to make it easier to find. 

You can Favourite items from several locations:
  1. From an item page
  2. From "Browse"
  3. From your Sandbox
To favourite an item, select the    icon on the item page. Once the item is Favourited, the icon will appear filled in. 

Once the item is Favourited, the icon will appear filled in. 

To unfavourite an item reselect the    icon on the item page. 

Finding your favourite content 

To view your Favourites from your Dashboard select 'Favourites and Tags' in the side panel, or from the dropdown in the Header bar.

This page will display your Favourite items.

How to Tag content 

Tagging items lets you group different items together, which makes them easier to find and access together. 

Tagged items are personal to you, other users of the Registry will not be able to view or see the tags you've attached to items. 
To tag an item -

1. Go to an item page.

2. Select the    button in the Action bar.

3. Start typing in your tag. You can add multiple tags, you just have to press "enter" or insert a comma from your keyboard to create each tag.

If a Tag shows up darker, then it hasn't been created previously and is a new Tag. In this case, the 'Best item' Tag has been used before to Tag items. 

4. Once done, select to create your tag(s) for the item.

Your tags will now show up in the bottom of the info box on the item page.

Finding your tagged content 

To view your Tags and Tagged content -

Sselect 'Favourites and Tags' in the side panel on your Dashboard, or from the dropdown in the Header bar.

To view all your Tags, select the 'View all tags' button.

From here you can view all your Tags, see Descriptions for the Tags, see how many items are Tagged, and you can also delete your Tags. 

If you click on the Tag name you can -

Edit the Tag Description.

Edit the Tag name.

Perform Item Actions like delete the item or edit the item, if you have the Permissions to do so. 

Apply Settings to how the Tagged content is viewed. 

The Settings let you select what information about the item you want displayed. 

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