How to create alternative name types

How to create alternative name types

Alternative name types can be applied to all metadata items managed within the Stewardship Organisation you create the alternative name type in. 

How to create a new alternative name type:

1. Go to the Stewardship Organisation you want to create an alternative name type in

2. Go to  and select 

3. Click  and enter all the required fields, and select  to save the alternative name type
Title: required field, e.g. Short name, Technical name
Definition: optional field, allows user to provide a description of the alternative name type
Max length: required field, value range from 1-256, restricts user to create an alternative name of length greater than the max length.
Visibility: required field. This sets which group in the registry can see this alternative name type. Available options are:PublicAuthenticatedStewardship Organisation and Workgroup


4. Once the alternative name is saved you will be able to view, edit and delete the alternative name type from the  tab in the Stewardship Organisation settings

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