How to create namespaces and identifiers

How to create namespaces and identifiers

Namespaces and Identifiers 

What is a Namespace?
A Namespace is the scope of an Identifier. It tells you who set the Identifier in case two people or Organisations use the same Identifier, you will know which one is being referred to based on which Namespace an Identifier sits in. 
You must be an Administrator of a Stewardship Organisation to create a Namespace 

How to add a new Namespace to a Stewardship Organisation 

1. Go to the Stewardship Organisation homepage 

2. Select the  tab
    and then select Namespace under Type

3. To create a new Namespace select the  button 

4. Fill in the form 

    The Stewardship Organisation will be pre-selected for you, add in a Name for the namespace and then a definition 

5. Once done, select the  button and you will be taken to the newly created Namespace page

How to edit a Namespace in a Stewardship Organisation 

1. Go to the Stewardship Organisation homepage 

2. Select the  tab
    and then select Namespace under Type

3. Select the Name of the Namespace you would like to edit

You will be taken to that Namespaces page

5. To edit the Namespace, in "Actions" select Open item editor 

6. Here you can edit the Namespace. Once you're done editing, don't forget to Save Changes

How to add a Namespace and Identifier to an item 

1. Go to the item page of the item you would like to add a Namespace/identifier to 

2. In the "Actions bar" select Open Item editor

3. From here, select the "Identifiers" tab

4. Select  and a new Namespace field will appear 

5. Select the Namespace you would like to have an Identifier in, then add in an Identifier and version (not required) 

6. Select  and your Identifier will now be visible in the Info Box of the item

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