How to delete metadata items

How to delete metadata items

How to Delete Metadata Items

From the Sandbox

All Users can delete items in their Sandbox at any time
1. Go to My Sandbox from your Dashboard side panel

2. Select the  button next to the metadata item you want to delete 

Metadata that is Registered or in a Workgroup

To protect audit reports, metadata can only be deleted from a Users Sandbox. To return metadata to a Users Sandbox it must be removed from all groups, including Workgroups, Stewardship Organisations and Registration Authorities. 
Only Users with the appropriate Permissions can perform these actions

Remove Registration statuses

1. Go to the item page and in the Info box select "View registration history"

2. From here, you will be able to Manage the Registration Statuses for the item 
Select  and then  to remove a Registration Status

Remove from Workgroup

1. From the  dropdown select Open item editor

2. In the Workgroup section of the item editor select the "x" next to the Workgroup name

This will clear the Workgroup

3. Save Changes at the bottom of the item editor

Remove from Stewardship Organisation

1. From the  dropdown select Change Stewardship Organisation 

2. From the Dropdown select "------------" 

3. Select 

Once all of these steps have been done, the item will show up in the Sandbox of the User who created it. Once the item is in the Sandbox it can be deleted. 

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