Self sign-up options

Self sign-up options

How to Enable Self Sign-Up for a Registry

This help page will walk you through how to enable self sign-up for a Registry. Self sign-up will allow users with a specific email extension (e.g. to sign up for an account on a Registry without the help of an Administrator. 

This feature can only be enabled/disabled by an Administrator of a Registry.

1. On your Dashboard side panel, select  at the bottom of the side panel, and you will be taken to the "Aristotle Cloud Dashboard":  

2. From here, select  and scroll to the bottom. 

3. You can check the box to Enable the self sign-up option, you can even un-check the box to disable this option. You can also add a message that will appear to users once they select the "Sign Up" option when going to the Registry landing page. 
4. To add in allowed email extensions, select  under "Allowed Emails." You can add in multiple email extensions here, but make sure to add only one email extension per item line. 

5. Once done, select  at the bottom of the page. Users with the allowed email extensions will now be able to self sign-up to the Registry and will see the "Sign Up" option when going to the Registry landing page. 

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