Property Groups

A property group is a collection that gather sets of related Properties to aid discovery and navigation. All properties that describe the same features are gathered together in property groups. Each property in the registry will be assigned to one property group. For example, Property Group named “Life Event Characteristics” will have the properties that are related to lifetime of a person or organisation like Date of Birth, Time of Birth etc.

Property Groups Functionalities:

  • These groupings allow the categorisation of the properties in the Aristotle Registry.

  • The editor of the property groups can set permissions to control the other user to link the metadata to any property group.

  • These groups play a vital role in the Business information model of an organisation.


  • This can allow any user in the registry to link properties to the property group.

  • Only users in same Stewardship organisations can allowed to link properties.

  • Only Administrators of the registry can link the properties.

  • Only users with permissions to edit the property groups can link the properties.

Control on properties that can be linked to the group: Editor can also set some control on which properties can be linked to the property groups. Permissions are as below:

  • Any properties can be linked to this property group.

  • Only properties within the same stewardship organisations can be linked to this property group.

  • The property group cant be linked to the properties, this means only editor of the property group can link properties.

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