How to Create Property Groups In Aristotle Registry?

Steps to create Property Group:

  1. Go to My Dashboard, click on “Create new Metadata”.

  2. Scroll down to “property group” under “Ontology” tab, click on “Create”.

  3. User can give name and definitions to the property group. The property group can be assigned to any workgroup from this page.

Setting the permissions to control the users and properties that can be linked to the property group

  1. Editor need to navigate to the components tab to set the permissions for the created property group.

  2. Editor can set permissions to control other users to link property to this property group.

  3. Editor can also set the permissions to control properties that can be linked to the property group.

  4. Editor can add properties to this group by scrolling down to “Included properties” tab and clicking “Add”.

  5. User can search for properties from the list of the properties to be attached to this group.

  6. After adding the properties, Editors needs to click on “Create Item”.

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